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Azure AI

At Scoreprise, we help you leverage the diverse capabilities of Azure AI Applications to optimize your applications and transform your business in a data-driven way. Discover the possibilities from image processing, speech recognition to text analysis and seamlessly integrate AI functions into your applications. Together we revolutionize your business processes by integrating intelligence and technological advances into your applications. Welcome to a smart, data-driven future.

Azure AI

Azure AI Applications is your comprehensive platform for integrating advanced AI capabilities into your applications, be it image recognition, language processing or text analysis. In today's data-driven business world, these tools enable seamless integration of AI technologies that deliver personalized experiences and optimized operations in real-time.

Our team specializes in developing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, offering high customizability to give you a competitive advantage. We use tools such as "Text Analytics" for sentiment analysis and entity extraction, "Computer Vision" to identify objects in images, and "Speech Services" to integrate speech processing functions.


With our expertise, we help you select and integrate the right Azure AI Applications to make your applications smarter and more feature-rich, meeting the needs of the modern, data-driven world. Together we can explore the possibilities of Microsoft Azure AI Applications and take your applications to the next level.

Key functions

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Improve customer service

Our Azure AI Applications optimize customer service in finance and planning by providing fast, accurate responses to customer queries. Chatbots developed with voice and text processing automatically process customer queries, improving the user experience and reducing the workload for employees. This increases efficiency, particularly in financial advisory firms, when assisting customers with account questions.

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