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Financial Planning & Analysis

Jedox, a leader in Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), provides a pioneering platform that enables companies to optimize their financial processes and make informed decisions. Within this new business area, Scoreprise offers services that enable comprehensive integrated business planning using Jedox's powerful tools.

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Financial planning
& Analysis

FP&A refers to the process of financial planning, forecasting and analysis that helps companies make informed decisions about their financial future. By intelligently using data and technology, companies can better understand their financial performance, identify opportunities and minimize risks. Scoreprise recognizes the importance of this area and leverages Jedox's expertise to offer tailored FP&A solutions.

Scoreprise & Jedox
The synergy between Scoreprise and Jedox brings various advantages. Through the IBy integrating AI technologies into FP&A processes, companies can create more precise forecasts and identify financial bottlenecks at an early stage. Jedox's tools enable efficient data processing and analysis, resulting in informed decisions. This in turn strengthens the competitiveness and agility of companies in the constantly changing business environment.


Key functions

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Implementation excellence

Our experts work closely with our customers to understand their business processes and precisely configure the Jedox platform. Our implementation expertise spans various industries and company sizes, giving us a deep understanding of our customers' diverse requirements.  With our implementation expertise, you can be confident that your business will realize the full power of the Jedox FP&A platform and take your financial management to new levels.

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