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The future of 
AI data analysis

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to Scoreprise.

Azure AI Solutions

Scoreprise looks forward to welcoming you to our extensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise. In this exciting phase of our company journey, we are turning our attention to the renowned Microsoft Azure AI Cloud. Here, in the world of Azure, we have proven expertise and offer you a wide range of services.

Scoreprise - Your trusted partner for AI excellence in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

We rely on close cooperation with Microsoft and use the latest innovations in cloud technologies.

AI Learning Platform

We rely on Microsoft Azure as the basis for your cloud infrastructure. Azure's flexibility and scalability allows you to adapt to market demands and take advantage of new opportunities.

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From predictive analytics to tailored solutions, we use modern cloud technologies to take your business decisions to a new level.

Planning &
AI Solutions

Scoreprise is proud to introduce our established artificial intelligence (AI) business, developed in close partnership with Jedox. Our expertise and services are based on Jedox's powerful tools that enable companies to gain data-driven insights and optimize their business processes. Discover the world of intelligent data analysis with us and plan your future with Scoreprise and Jedox. Welcome to a partnership that takes AI excellence to a new level.

Jedox supports companies with powerful functions in optimizing operational processes and achieving business goals.

Financial Planning and Analysis supports companies in making financial decisions through AI data analysis. Scoreprise offers specialized solutions for this.

The integration of Jedox into various systems enables comprehensive analysis and data-based decision making.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently used by 13.3% of companies in Germany, and 9.2% plan to use it. A further 36.7% of all companies surveyed are discussing possible application scenarios. 

ifo economic survey – August 2, 2023


Would you like to learn more about Scoreprise? Discover how our AI services are based and learn more about our team, our mission & our values!

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Discover the latest developments and exciting insights into the world of Azure AI, Machine Learning, Jedox and more. Stay informed and inspired with our current NEWS!

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